Angela (chicaangela) wrote in amrcnidolkelly,

Kelly is nominated for some Video Music them Aug 18 on mtv..YAYYY KELLYYYYYY! :-)
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this is sooooo last minute and i don't know where to post it, so i'll try here and see what kind of response i get. I HAVE AN EXTRA FRONT ROW TICKET FOR SUNDAY AUGUST 7THS CONCERT AT WACHOVIA ARENA IN WILKES BARRE, PA!!!! I bought 8 of them all for me anf my friends and now one friend backed out, etc and i cannot find ANYONE to go with me!!! :*( therefore i am making an offer to sell the extra and COVETED ticket.. and lets be real this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance for HUGE kelly fans... FRONT ROW!!!!! if anyone is interested and willing to bid, please email me at the highest bidder will take the prize. payment and ticket pickup can be discussed later.. pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!!